The Values Deck

The Values Deck activities

The Values Deck is a deck of cards where each card represents a different value. It is a great tool to help us to reflect on what matters most to us in our lives and how values can help shape a better world. Below you’ll find some suggested activities that you can play with your Deck, but by all means get creative and design your own too!

Know your values

This activity is about self-reflection. Getting to know our own values helps us act in line with them – and makes us happier, more effective and better connected. Identify the five values which are most important to you or your team and consider ways that you could live in closer alignment with these values.

What you are not

Identify the values you do not place much importance on and consider when you feel obliged to act in alignment with these values - this could be at work or in your personal life.

Values charades

What do values look like in action? Sometimes values can seem like quite an abstract concept, but they are a major influence in how we each think, feel and act. Pick a card and act out the value for your partner to guess.

Values in culture

Values are all around us. Go for a walk, or turn on your TV – what values do you see being most strongly championed around you in your culture? Are these the values you hold to be most important?

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Values sushi

In all our communications we are likely to engage values. Why not get creative and consider how you might frame your message by using different intrinsic values? Pick an intrinsic value (if you're not sure what an intrinsic value is, check out this website) and have a go at framing your message in such a way as to engage that value in your audience. See if your partner or team can guess which value you are centering.

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The values of others

Think of a character in a book, film or TV programme. What do you think their top three values are and why? Do they align with your own values?

Which values are important for a better world?

Identify ten values that you think need to be strengthened in our society in order to lead to a better world. How might you or your organisation help strengthen these values in the work you do?

Values and politics

Watch a political speech and see if you can identify what values are being engaged. How does this affect you? Can you imagine the speech affecting you differently if different values were engaged?



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