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Tom Crompton
In this blog, Tom reflects on some big questions we are exploring at Common Cause.
Elsie Roderiques
Elsie Roderiques considers the responsibility of the media to consider the values it champions and reinforces in our cultures.
Ruth Taylor
Ruth Taylor reflects on the underlying narratives found in the new Barbie movie.
Rob Udale
Dr Rob Udale from Animal Think Tank explores the possibilities of the values 'bleedover effect' for animal freedom and LGBT+ rights campaigning
Elsie Roderiques
Elsie Roderiques explores whether increasing numbers of people are openly questioning the inherent value of wealth, power and social status in the mainstream.
Ruth Potts
Ruth Potts explores whether mainstream news reporting in the UK might be contributing to the 'values perception gap', and, if so, why it matters.
Tom Crompton
Tom Crompton makes the case for ending the oppression of nonhuman animals in pursuit of their freedom and as a foundation for systemic social justice.
Ruth Taylor
Ruth Taylor asks how the rising interest in the transformative power of social imagination intersects with cultural values to shape a 'desirable future'
Elsie Roderiques
The Common Cause team shares our favourite cultural experiences of 2022 which embody the values we would like to see more of in the world.
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