Seeing is believing

We bring about change by demonstrating what’s possible through practical projects and partnerships. We collaborate with place or sector-based organisations to deliver intrinsic values in-action.

Check out some of the ways that we could collaborate below and do feel free to get in touch to discuss in more detail. Whether you have a project up and running that you think Common Cause could add to, or if you just have an interest in our work and would like to explore what a partnership could look like, we’d love to hear from you. 

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Partnership projects

Through our partnership projects we work with a broad range of organisations to bring intrinsic values to life. We explore together the ways a particular organisation or industry could go about championing and celebrating values such as community, equality and environmental protection, not just in their own work but in society at large. 

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with a host of organisations from many different fields – from museums, to government departments, to football clubs. Perhaps you work for a community centre or volunteering hub. Maybe you work for a local council. You could be involved in the music industry or in theatre, TV or gaming. If you’re convinced, like us, that in order to bring about a more equitable, just and sustainable society we need to tap into what drives people, do reach out as we’d love to explore the scope to work together.

See our work in Greater Manchester as an example of a partnership project we have been involved with.

Research projects

Our work is based on a body of social psychological research into human values. As well as supporting people to learn about what the current research shows, we have also worked with academics and practitioners to conduct experimental research into values, contribute to external impact and outreach, or share our large datasets. If you would like to discuss possible research areas with which we may be able to support you, do get in touch.

In the past, we have also offered support to Masters or PhD students conducting their own research relating to values. We are a small team with limited capacity and so cannot support everyone, but if you are writing your dissertation or thesis on values and their relationship with wellbeing and social and environmental change, do feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help if we can. 


Common Cause often contributes lectures, seminars and workshops that explore human values and the important role they play in motivating concern for a broad range of global challenges. If you run a university or college course that looks at topics such as social and environmental change, sustainability, behaviour change or civic participation, and would be interested in Common Cause contributing content, please reach out and we’d be happy to chat. 


Common Cause can provide advice and guidance if your organisation is working to apply a values-led approach to your activities. Whether you’re exploring ways to strengthen your communications, programmes or campaigns, or are looking at how values-thinking could transform your internal processes for the better, we would be happy to discuss ways that we might be able to offer support. 


If you’d like some support in considering the current values being engaged through your communications, campaigns or programmes, we’re able to provide a short analysis with suggested changes to strengthen the work you’re doing. Upon completion, we would offer a feedback call where we will run through the analysis process with your staff so that they can do it again in the future. If this is a service you might be interested in, do please let us know. 

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