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We offer a range of training and learning opportunities for those interested in getting to grips with values. Whether you want to attend an introductory session, learn more about values in a specific context, organise bespoke training for your organisation or group, or take part in our self-guided online course, there is something for everyone. 

Upcoming public workshops

We run our flagship introductory workshop series, ‘Values 101: Growing public demand for change’ several times throughout the year. Over the course of five online sessions, participants are introduced to the social psychology of values and explore how values can be engaged to generate broader and deeper commitment to pro-social and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours. This workshop series is intended for anyone who is working to engage people, or advising others who are, in social or environmental change. For example, you could be a campaigner, an organiser, a movement-builder, fundraiser, a communicator, a facilitator or a change strategist. If you’re not sure whether these workshops are right for you, but are interested in learning more about values, please drop us an email on and we’d be happy to chat. If you can’t make the current workshop dates, but would like to find out when new dates are confirmed please leave your email address below.



[Due to coronavirus we have been running our workshops online since the beginning of 2020. We hope to offer region-specific, in-person workshops again soon. If you work in Europe and would like to discuss Common Cause bringing our training to your organisation or network (by rail!) when travel restrictions allow , please drop us an email.]

Values 101: Creating the cultural conditions for change

A 5-part online workshop series, being held every Wednesday in May 2024 between 5pm – 7pm GMT

Self-guided online course

We will soon be launching a new, self-guided online course for those who are completely new to values and want to see what all the fuss is about. At the moment we are busy behind the scenes developing lots of brand new content, but if you’d like to be the first to hear updates when we have them, please register your interest below. 

In-house training

Alongside our public workshops, we offer organisations the opportunity to work with us to tailor training to their specific needs and interests. You could be an NGO, a museum, a gallery, a football club, a community centre or other cultural organisation. All you need is an interest in how your work could strengthen the intrinsic values we find in society. We currently offer the following options for in-house training: 

Values 101

Exploring values in the context of your work

This workshop series is intended for staff teams within an organisation that have an interest in learning and reflecting on values together. We’ll cover the content offered in our Values 101 workshop, helping you to develop a robust knowledge of the social psychological research, but these sessions will be tailored to focus specifically on your organisation and work priorities. Whether you’re a communications, campaigns, fundraising, policy or programmes team, we can create a bespoke workshop that zooms in on values within your specific area of work. We’re equally as happy to design a workshop for a cross-section of staff from different teams to explore values-thinking within your organisation as a whole. Either way we’ll make sure you walk away understanding how values work and why they’re important, as well as how you can practically apply this learning in your day-to-day activities.

Sometimes an organisation that has asked us to run this programme has invited others from within their network to attend in order to lower the cost for them. We are very open to such an approach, but suggest a maximum of 16 participants. 

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What’s included: 


The exact cost will depend on the scope of the training agreed with you, as well as the size and turnover of your organisation. We work hard to ensure that our training is available to all – regardless of budget.

To enquire about in-house training for your organisation, please contact us via this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Action Learning

Putting values
into action

The purpose of action learning is to guide participants through the development of a values-led project in real life. As well as having the support of CCF, participants will be working alongside others in a supportive peer-group designed to share challenges, problem-solve together and celebrate each other’s successes.

Action learning typically begins with a recap of the research to ensure that everyone is on the same page. After that, the CCF team facilitate a series of exercises and conversations to help participants think through how to apply values-led thinking to their work in practice. Throughout the course of the programme we host coaching calls and provide opportunities for cross-learning between participants. 

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What’s included: 

Ideally, an ALP cohort would include between 6 – 12 people. It could consist of:


The exact cost will depend on the scope of the training agreed with you, as well as the size and turnover of your organisation. We work hard to ensure that our training is available to all – regardless of budget.

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