Culture as an incubator of extrinsic values

In a recent opinion piece for The Guardian, George Monbiot proposed that one (little explored) reason for the rise of Donald Trump is that Trump is “a walking, talking monument to extrinsic values”. He reminds us that our values are heavily influenced by the societies we are a part of, including the political environment. The […]

This Barbie Wants Narrative Change

A line of Barbie dolls, some white and some Black, are dressed up as Hawaiian dancers in colourful dresses and flower leis

[This blog contains (minor) spoilers of the Barbie movie.] Undoubtedly, there can be very few human beings on the face of the planet that have managed to escape the knowledge that, this summer, a new pink-tastic blockbuster movie hit cinema screens across the world. Directed by the once indie-filmmaker, Greta Gerwig, the Barbie movie came […]

What we’ve valued this year

We hope that our email finds you well and warm, or that it doesn’t find you at all, as you are far away from your device resting and restoring. As we come to the end of the Gregorian year we’d like to share with you our favourite cultural experiences of the year which embody the values […]

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