Common Cause Foundation: A Toolkit for Charities

January 2015
Common Cause Foundation Report

This toolkit introduces the Common Cause Communication matrix – a set of practical principles for crafting Common Cause communications, each built on a solid research foundation. The toolkit is accompanied by a series of downloadable resources for use in group discussions and workshops, including exercise sheets and notes for facilitators.

this if...

  • You’re a campaigner or communicator working for an NGO or charity and want to consider how an understanding of values could make your work more effective
  • You’d like to see what common cause communication looks like in practice

Key Takeaways

  1. Charities and NGOs agonise about the best ways to communicate ‘their’ causes. However, they might be better off thinking about how best to communicate on intrinsic values: the issues themselves are perhaps less important than the values that are invoked in the course of communicating about them.
  2. ‘Getting the values right’ is not some kind of magic bullet to solve all charity communication challenges. An understanding of values provides another set of tools.
  3. More intrinsic messages lead people to experience more sustained motivation to donate or support a charity.

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