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Below you will find hard copies of some of our publications, as well as our very popular Values Deck. All our resources are also free to download here.

Values Deck


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A beautiful deck of cards, designed by Genis Carreras in collaboration with PIRC, visualising the Schwartz values inventory. The deck is a great resource for encouraging reflection on the values we each hold, as well as exploring the values we see celebrated and engaged around us.

Common Cause Communication: A Toolkit for Charities

(January 2015)


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This toolkit introduces the Common Cause Communication matrix – a set of practical principles for crafting Common Cause communications, each built on a solid research foundation. The toolkit is accompanied by a series of downloadable resources for use in group discussions and workshops, including exercise sheets and notes for facilitators.

Perceptions Matter: The Common Cause UK Values Survey


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Common Cause surveyed 1000 adults across Britain to find out what they value and what they think their fellow citizens value. This report explores the results, and offers suggestions of ways that social institutions can help to bridge our perception gap, leading to more civic engagement and community connection.

If you have any questions about any of these resources, please contact us

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