This Barbie Wants Narrative Change

A line of Barbie dolls, some white and some Black, are dressed up as Hawaiian dancers in colourful dresses and flower leis

[This blog contains (minor) spoilers of the Barbie movie.] Undoubtedly, there can be very few human beings on the face of the planet that have managed to escape the knowledge that, this summer, a new pink-tastic blockbuster movie hit cinema screens across the world. Directed by the once indie-filmmaker, Greta Gerwig, the Barbie movie came […]

Are the values we instill in our children leading us towards a sustainable future?

In 2009, the children’s marketing sector was worth £100bn – and it’s still growing. A significant portion of this total is spent on food marketing, predominantly promoting energy dense, low-nutrient food and beverages – typically unhealthy for children, but marketed to exaggerate health claims – and messaging (often with the help of celebrities) to suggest […]

Opening the ethical debates in advertising

We’ve suggested elsewhere that there are two broad categories of response to Common Cause. The first is to focus on the implications for the campaigns and communications that we are already producing: how might we campaign on biodiversity conservation, or disability rights, or cancer research, while simultaneously helping to strengthen those values upon which systemic […]

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