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Don’t mind the gap between values and action


Don’t mind the gap between values and action

What does it means when people don't act in line with their values?
This is a blog by Greg Maio
Greg Maio is a Professor of Psychology at Cardiff University.

Professor Greg Maio of Cardiff University has written a short and helpful briefing on the value-action gap.

He concludes:

The upshot of all this is that, in working to tackle environmental and social problems, we overlook the importance of values at our peril. It is true that we may be able to overlook values in designing interventions to address specific behaviours in piecemeal fashion. But a thorough-going response to these challenges will require a far more systematic and sustained engagement with the things that we hold to be most important: those things that we value.

Read a summary post ‘Why the famous value-action gap is smaller than you think’ at Green Alliance’s Green Living blog, or download the full briefing here.

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