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Common Cause June newsletter: We’re looking for a new team member


Common Cause June newsletter: We’re looking for a new team member

Common Cause's June newsletter
This is a blog by Elsie Roderiques
Elsie is a member of staff at the Common Cause Foundation.

Common Cause newsletter, sent 30/06/22

Common Cause June Newsletter

Dear friends,

We hope that you are all well and thriving, despite all that’s going on in the world. Apologies for the delay in getting this over to you this month — two thirds of the team were struck with Covid and so things have been a little slower than usual. Much love to all of you as we continue to navigate the pandemic — whether you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing Covid yourselves; are struggling through long-covid, poor mental health and exhaustion or financial struggles; have lost loved ones and precious moments; or feeling anxious about existing as a vulnerable person or a loved one of a vulnerable person in a world with very little protection or care in place. It’s a lot and we see you.

Just a little note before we go any further to thank those of you who got in touch following May’s newsletter to let us know how much it resonated with you. Despite sharing a deep sadness and frustration with the systems we live under, the team were also deeply touched by how much we also share in what motivates and energises us throughout our days. It gave us great joy to read the many varied responses and find out just a little more about the deeply intrinsically values-led community we have here, however dispersed and different we may be on the surface. Some of you spoke of being nourished by your children and loved ones; others, about your work on the ground to support your fellow activists, or being galvanised by the alternative systems and ways of living you are helping to co-create. Someone else shared, simply and beautifully, that they are motivated by care; by wanting to live in a country that cares for all. Thank you again all those who emailed, and please continue to do so, whether to share stories like these, or just to say hello — you are always welcome.

This month, the newsletter focus is on our search for a new team member to support on a new project working with the media.

At Common Cause, we know that working with a knowledge of values is not simply a project of words or theory — values are found in nearly every experience we have as human beings; they are an inextricable part of our culture(s). In recognition of this, we often work with cultural influencers like museums and galleries, supporting them to change the way they communicate, but also working with them to bring intrinsic values to life in their institutions through lived experience, in creative, embodied and imaginative ways.

Journalists and media professionals are culture makers who have significant impact on cultural values — if we look closely we can see that nearly every piece of media content we interact with is laden with values. In recognition of this, we are about to embark on a one-year scoping project to develop a new programme of work supporting those working across the media to recognise their agency in terms of shaping the cultural values waters we swim in, as well as identifying ways their work could help strengthen intrinsic values. We have some insight and pre-existing relationships in this space, but are looking for someone with the experience and the network to develop an exciting new programme of work focusing on this sector over the course of the project.

Is this you? Or perhaps someone you know? If so, please take a look at the full role description, which you can find here, and please take the time to read through and apply, or share far and wide. If you’d like to know more about the role or what it is like to work at Common Cause, we’d also like to hear from you; especially if there’s anything you’re unsure of, if you have any concerns about your application, or if there’s anything we can do to make the application process or role more accessible to you. Please do email us at and we can either respond via email or arrange a phone call.

At the same time, if you’re a media professional (in any role: from journalist and copywriter, to editor and broadcast director) who’s interested in finding out more about the upcoming project and would like to be kept in the loop — please get in touch by emailing Elsie at

With care and solidarity for these times we’re in.

Elsie, Ruth and Tom

From Common Cause

Common Cause around the world
These past months, Tom has been getting in touch with some of you who have shared with us where you’re based, to see if there is an appetite for people who are interested in our work and geographically close to one another to connect and to hear about the work of people within the community. So far, we have convened an energising call with some of you living in Spain, and have also reached out to small groups of you in India and the Netherlands. If you’re based in any of these locations and are interested in being part of these conversations, then please do get in touch. Equally, if you’re somewhere else in the world and would like to know more about those in the Common Cause community who are local to you, then let Tom know.

Values 101 Workshops
A reminder that the Values 101 workshop dates for the rest of 2022 are now up. During the sessions we’ll be exploring how we can create the cultural conditions necessary for systemic and durable social and environmental change. You can find out more and register by visiting our TicketTailor page.

As usual, if you want to attend, but don’t fit in to one of the remaining ticket categories, let Ruth know via email and she’d be happy to arrange a cheaper ticket for you.

In the world

A brief selection of books, articles, videos, podcasts and events that resonate with us that we think you might enjoy…

Initiative: The Democracy & Belonging Forum

The Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley has launched its first transatlantic initiative, the Democracy & Belonging Forum, which will bring together civic leaders in Europe and the US to grapple with how we might counter toxic polarisation and democratic degradation while continuing to center the needs and concerns of marginalised groups. They will be hosting events and making micro-grants available to members to experiment around bridging and belonging. More information can be found on their new website.

Just Labs

JustLabs, the Fund for Global Human Rights and a range of partner organisations from across the world have been experimenting with what it means to ‘do’ narrative work in the real world. The have recently released a report exploring their findings. Ruth and Tom had the pleasure of introducing the team to the concept of values and so it is brilliant to see this knowledge incorporated into their work and documented in the report. Here’s a link directly to the report and here’s a link to a mini-documentary the team made about their experiences bringing new narratives to life.

Common Destination

A brand new reframing report, from the folks at Stay Grounded, looking at how we can more effectively talk about the aviation industry and its impact on people and the planet. We were chuffed to find Common Cause’s work on values mentioned!

Building a Larger Us

Our friends at Larger Us, have spent the last four years exploring how to drive change in ways that create a *larger* us rather than a polarised them-and-us. This week they have published what they’ve learnt so far! Check out their new guide here.

Fighting Talk

Ettie Bailey-King has launched her new newsletter on inclusive and accessible language. We’re really enjoying it and we thought you might too! You can see past editions and sign up here.

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