Instrumental use erodes sacred values

blog Instrumental use erodes sacred values

An increasingly popular narrative in the corporate and third sectors is the “business case” for social values. Businesses are increasingly aligning themselves with important social values, such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community development, while many charities choose to highlight the economic case for social or environmental action. For companies, this is a win-win: […]

Football: A Narrow Escape

blog football background

That the owners of these clubs should be forced into retreating from their plans is testimony to the persistence, in football, of other values than those of the market. It’s striking that those other values still persist in football, because in many respects the sport has become a vehicle for promulgating neoliberal values more widely. […]

What Is a Migrant Worth?

blog migrants

In early February, a study was published that claims that UK towns with more immigrants do much better economically. Commissioned by anti-racism charity Hope Not Hate, the study attempts to challenge negative perceptions of immigration and concludes that “growing diversity is an inevitable part of increasing prosperity—and, potentially, a contributor to it.” The claim that […]

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