Instead of relying on old narratives, it’s time to build power for new ones

Organisations that want to tackle the climate crisis have a duty to ensure that the deeper narratives that their work reinforces, and the values that underpin them, are in service to the world they want to see. Nudge theory – the beloved strategy of neo-liberal governments, businesses and many NGOs alike – argues that many […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

An image of a christmas tree

When I was a child, the definite marker of the start of the festive season was spotting the Coca-Cola Christmas advert on TV. I vividly remember running around our living room in my pyjamas shrieking ‘Holidays are Coming’ at the top of my little lungs, much to my parents utter dismay – especially as the […]

The Activist, and why we must consider the cultural footprint of our work

Have you ever had that feeling where real life begins to take on the semblance of a Black Mirror episode? Or when you’re reading a news article and have to triple check it’s not been published on The Onion and is in fact reporting something that has actually happened? Well, that’s how I felt when I first heard about The Activist – a […]