Common Cause Foundation

Common Cause Foundation demonstrates an alternative approach to creating social change. This is an approach which has been developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading authorities on cultural values, how these are shaped, and how they influence the profound social and environmental issues that we all face. The Foundation highlights the possibility that many organisations, irrespective of their particular focus, can begin to model and strengthen those cultural values that underpin action on these issues, including climate change.

Common Cause Foundation was a programme of WWF-UK for several years, and will become an independent charity registered in England and Wales and a company limited by guarantee registered in the United Kingdom in early 2015.  Our Board of Trustees is chaired by Peter Lipman who is also the Chair of the Transition Network.

We are seeking funders and partners who understand the full scale of challenge that these issues present, and who are persuaded of the need to engage with and support ambitious and innovative work that reflects a systemic approach to creating social change.


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